Why Attend?

RSA Conference is the place where security leadership gathers, advances and emerges. It’s where you can access the people and ideas that matter most to your company and career:

  • Get face time with industry experts
  • Best in class content shared by 500+ speakers, via 300+ expert-led conference sessions, 17+ keynotes and 21+ tracks
  • Participate in activities that bring like-minded peers together – 28,500+ professionals attend RSA Conference each year
  • Experience firsthand a world of cutting edge solutions and best practices
  • Gain exposure to global perspectives – every year we attract attendees with diverse international backgrounds.


Each year, we devise new ways for our attendees to share knowledge and access the most innovative technologies, disruptive ideas and winning solutions. RSA’s educational sessions are divided into unique tracks and give you a breadth of industry insight, real implementation stories and detailed case studies.


An array of inspiring, influential and visionary speakers choose RSA Conference to share their perspectives and address hot topics that are relevant to you and your organization. Some of our past speakers have been:

  • Selim Aissi, Vice President, Visa
  • Marene Allison, Vice President, Johnson & Johnson
  • Bret Arsenault, CISO, Microsoft
  • James Comey, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Mary Ann Davidson, CSO, Oracle
  • Condoleezza Rice, Former United States Secretary of State
  • Stephen Colbert, Award winning host of “The Colbert Report” and New York Times best-selling author.

An Array of Exhibitors

Juniper Networks, Akamai, and Hewlett Packard are some exhibitors

More than 400 top notch security vendors will be available in the Expo to show you today’s security technologies and how they are driving tomorrow’s industry landscape worldwide.

Every year, RSA Conference attracts legendary cryptographers, visionary leaders and hands-on experts across multiple industries to connect and share their knowledge with 28,500+ security professionals. More than 75% of the 2014 attendees agree that the RSA Conferences stand at the forefront as the leading event in the information security industry.

Join the conversation and tell us why you attend #rsac each year.

"A great opportunity to see the future of security and to research solutions and products to help reach your security goals"

"Always excellent, timely, most up-to-date sessions in the industry"

"A single spot to learn and share your existing security concerns. Access to industry experts, vendors and peers with like-minded concerns"

RSA Conference 2015

April 20-24, 2015

San Francisco, CA

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