Extreme Cyber Scenario Planning & Fault Tree Analysis - GRC-T17

Ian Green, Manager, Cybercrime and Intelligence, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Ian Green is the Manager of the Cybercrime & Intelligence team at Australia’s largest and one of the world’s largest banks. Green’s team is responsible for analyzing, monitoring and mitigating threats posed by organized crime groups, hacktivists and nation states. His team specializes in the collection, analysis and mitigation of banking Trojans.

He has managed teams of penetration testers and been a penetration tester himself. He has been part of teams who regularly discover 0-day vulnerabilities in enterprise grade solutions.

His strength is his communication skills, in particular, his ability to explain highly technical concepts in plain English. He has spoken in front of large and small audiences on various information security topics and has lectured at RMIT University.



Ian Green Manager, Cybercrime and Intelligence, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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