Ways To Interpret Security Standards - What We Can Learn from the Law - GRC-207

John Elliott, Senior Consultant, Blackfoot UK

Security professionals have a growing need to interpret mandatory standards (e.g. PCI DSS) and legislation such as the new EU privacy regulations. Differences in interpretation can affect costs and complexity. Discover how legal techniques can be applied to information security problems. This session will give you the tools to interpret standards and reach agreement with colleagues and auditors.

John Elliott is a pragmatic information security, privacy and PCI DSS consultant. He is currently employed as senior consultant and qualified security assessor at Blackfoot UK, where his primary role is to undertake risk assessments – analysing how an organisation processes both cardholder data and personal information. Prior to joining Blackfoot, John worked as an information security manager in financial services organisations. John is interested in the intersection between information security and information rights law.



John Elliott Senior Consultant, Blackfoot UK

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