The Science Lab: Live RAT Dissection - HTA-106

Uri Fleyder, Cyber Lab Senior Researcher, RSA, The Security Division of EMC
Uri Rivner, Head of Cyber Strategy, Biocatch

Remote Administration Tools are spreading in the Cybercrime underground like wildfire – and for a good reason! In this fun to watch session we’ll reveal recent Cyber Intelligence findings and dissect the new VNC Trojan add-on, showing an end-to-end online banking fraud operation using the most blood-chilling attack vector the financial industry has seen to date.

Uri Rivner has been fighting Cybercrime for 12 years. Currently leading the cyber strategy for behavioral biometrics company BioCatch, Uri’s prior role was Head of New Technologies, Identity Protection at RSA, where he worked closely with the world’s largest organizations to establish a new defense doctrine against advanced cyber threats. Innovations Uri spearheaded now stop billions of dollars in fraud each year and protect hundreds of millions of online banking and eCommerce users.

Uri Fleyder is responsible at the RSA Cyber Lab for researching online threats using advanced forensics and custom built tools. He provides technical leadership and training to the 24/7 Anti Trojan team which identifies and analyzes Trojan kit drop zones, and is particularly focused on mapping and monitoring cybercrime command & control infrastructure.



Uri Fleyder Cybercrime Research Lab Manager, RSA

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