The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and What's Coming Next - EXP-W22

Ed Skoudis , CEO , Counterhack

Two attack vectors account for 90%+ of successful intrusions grabbing sensitive information. Both are gaining new sophistication and 3 new vectors are demonstrating how innovative attackers can be. In this session, two people in unique positions to understand the newest attacks will illuminate the 5 most dangerous new attack vectors and describe how attack vectors may evolve over the coming year.

Ed Skoudis is the founder of Counter Hack, an innovative organization that designs, builds, and operates popular infosec challenges and simulations including NetWars, Cyber Quests, and Cyber Foundations. Ed also provides security research and consulting services, along with expert witness support for large-scale breach cases. At the request of White House personnel, he helped analyze the Trusted Internet Connection architecture, and also was the main author of the SANS Top 20 Critical Controls. Ed's expertise includes hacker attacks and defenses, and the information security industry, with over fifteen years of experience in information security. Ed authored and regularly teaches the SANS courses on network penetration testing (Security 560) and incident response (Security 504).



Ed Skoudis Chief Executive Officer, CounterHack Challenges

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