Securing Big Data: Learning and Differences from Cloud Security - DAS-210

Dennis Moreau, Senior Technology Strategist, RSA, The Security Division of EMC
Samir Saklikar, Principal Technologist, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

Big Data offers the promise of delivering deep insights into the growing ocean of information, but at the risk of newer security, privacy and transparency concerns that are uniquely the result of Big Data analytic capability. This session discusses how these challenges are both similar yet different from Cloud Security, and how we can improve on our learning from that space to secure Big Data.

Dennis Moreau is specialist in the application of leading edge technologies to the solution of complex problems in the Information Systems and Utility

Computing management domains.Prior to joining RSA's CTO Office, he was a founder and the CTO for Configuresoft. He holds a doctorate in Computer Science and has held faculty positions in Computational Medicine and Computer Science (tenured in 1993)

Samir Saklikar is a Principal Technologist in the Office of the CTO at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. His work focuses on the convergence of Big Data and Security, identifying and establishing relationships between them, both as enabling or depending on each other. This includes working on Big Data analytics for solving security problems, as well as designing security frameworks for Big Data. Previously, as lead of the Advanced Development team within RSA, he has worked on architecting and implementing novel ideas around Cloud Computing and Mobile Security. He has authored over 10 papers in international conferences and journals, and has 20 patent applications in areas of security and identity management.



Dennis Moreau Senior Technologist, RSA

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