Intriguing Insider Threat Cases - Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen to You! - HT-R32

Dawn Cappelli, Technical Manager, Carnegie Mellon University CERT Insider Threat Center Dawn Cappelli is Founder and Technical Manager of the CERT Insider Threat Center and the Enterprise Threat & Vulnerability Management team in Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute. Her team members are domain experts in insider threat and incident response; they research, analyze and model cyber threats; develop and conduct security assessments; and provide solutions and training for preventing, detecting and responding to illicit cyber activity. Cappelli is invited to speak at national and international venues, is adjunct professor in CMU’s Heinz College, Vice-Chair for CERT’s CSIH Certification Advisory Board, on the program committee for RSA and HICSS conferences and was awarded the 2011 SEI Director's Office Award of Excellence.



Dawn Cappelli Director, Insider Risk Management, Rockwell Automation

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