Entitlement; and why Identity needs to be about More Than Just People - IAM-210

Guy Bunker, CTO, GB&A

This session considers why “Entitlement” is key to making Identity work correctly in the Cloud and within the enlightened Enterprise. It includes a panel discussion of state-of-the-art approaches, including why government initiatives and their focus on people identity is doomed to fail. The panel will also examine what "good" in both Governments and Corporate identity strategy should look like.

Dr. Guy Bunker is an independent advisor who works with a number of start-up companies in the software security and data availability sectors. He also is an HP associate, specializing in security strategy for global accounts. Previously Guy was CTO at ExecIA LLP and before that Chief Scientist at Symantec (formerly VERITAS). Guy continues to work with a number of venture capitalists as an advisor for technical due diligence, product and go-to-market strategy, and is on the advisory boards of several small companies.



Guy Bunker CTO, GB&A

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