Active Defence: How to Counter Your Attackers - HT-302

Davi Ottenheimer, President, flyingpenguin
David Willson, Attorney at Law, Titan Info Security Group

Companies and governments are constantly plagued by hackers defacing, stealing, damaging, and disrupting their networks. Victims are losing money, trade secrets, and proprietary data. Standard incident response is not working. This presentation takes the audience through the steps to legally and ethically defend themselves when taking an active response.

Davi Ottenheimer, President of flyingpenguin, has more than seventeen years' experience managing global security operations and assessments, including a decade of leading incident response and digital forensics. He co-authored the book "Securing the Virtual Environment: How to Defend the Enterprise Against Attack," published in May 2012 by Wiley. He is an expert in compliance, a
qualified PCI DSS and PA-DSS assessor with K3DES, and former Board Member for the Payment Card Industry Security Alliance and the Silicon Valley chapters of ISACA and OWASP.

David is currently owner of Titan Info Security Group, LLC and a retired Army JAG officer. During his 20 years in the Army he provided legal advice in computer network operations and information security and international law to the DoD and NSA and was the legal advisor for what is now CYBERCOM. In addition to “Hacking Back,” his articles include, “When Does Electronic Espionage Become An ‘Act of War’?,” and others. David is a licensed attorney and holds the CISSP & Security + certifications. He has two LLM’s in International Law in Intellectual Property law.



Davi Ottenheimer Senior Director of Trust, EMC

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