Dan Geer

Principal, Geer Risk Services

X Window System and Kerberos (1988), first information security consulting firm on Wall Street (1992), convenor of first academic conference on electronic commerce (1995), the "Risk Management is Where the Money Is" speech that changed the focus of security (1998), USENIX Association President (2000), first call for the eclipse of authentication by accountability (2002), principal author of and spokesman for "Cyberinsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly" (2003), co-founder of SecurityMetrics.Org (2004), convener of MetriCon (2006-present), author of "Economics & Strategies of Data Security" (2008), and "Cybersecurity & National Policy" (2010). Creator of the Index of CyberSecurity (2011) and the Cyber Security Decision Market (2012). Six times entrepreneur. Five times before Congress.

Dan’s sessions at USA 2014

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