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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

  • The Dark Web and Silk Road

    • 1:20pm – 2:20pm | West | 3002 | HT-T07

    The Government’s widely reported investigation of Silk Road has generated interest in the functioning of the “dark web” as a market place for illegal goods and services. This presentation will discuss…

    Conference Track:
  • One Year Later: Lessons and Unintended Consequences of the APT1 Report

    • 2:40pm – 3:40pm | West | 3002 | HT-T08

    Mandiant's APT1 report revealed a great deal about China's espionage efforts—but what has the industry gained from the study of APT1’s tactics, techniques and procedures? This panel will offer their…

    Conference Track:
    Gal Shpantzer - Contributing Analyst, Securosis Analyst Firm
    John Prisco - President and Chief Executive Officer, Triumfant
    Lance James - Chief Scientist, Cyber Intelligence Advisor and Co-Founder at Unit 221b, Flashpoint
    Martin McKeay - Senior Security Advocate, Akamai Technologies
    Nick Selby - CEO, StreetCred Software, Inc.
  • Effects-based Targeting for Critical Infrastructure

    • 4:00pm – 5:00pm | West | 3002 | HT-T09

    This session describes effects-based targeting per U.S. military doctrine. Relying on surprising ex-post OSINT analysis of Stuxnet, it describes how the U.S.A. delivered malware to industrial…

    Conference Track:
    Sean McBride - Director of Analysis, Critical Intelligence

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