Nick Galbreath

Vice President of Engineering, IPONWEB

Nick Galbreath is Vice President of Engineering at IPONWEB, a world leader and pioneer in the development of highly sophisticated Ad exchange and online media trading platforms. Prior to IPONWEB, Galbreath’s role was Director of Engineering at Etsy, overseeing groups handling security, fraud, security, authentication and other enterprise features. Prior to Etsy, he has held leadership positions in number of social and e-commerce companies, including Right Media, UPromise, Friendster and Open Market. He is the author of "Cryptography for Internet and Database Applications" (Wiley). Previous speaking engagements have been at Black Hat, Def Con and OWASP events. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from Boston University and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Nick’s sessions at USA 2013

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