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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

  • The Loophole: Federal Crimes Not Being Addressed

    • 8:00am – 9:00am | Room 131 | PNG-R31

    A new breed of cyber criminals is experiencing an unprecedented heyday spreading illicit content across the social web. Every day, perpetrators use social media to bully and spread hate speech, …

    Conference Track:
    Mark Risher - CEO and Co-founder, Impermium
    Marcia Hofmann - Attorney, Law Office of Marcia Hofmann
    Nicole Ozer - Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California
    Stefan Savage - Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, San Diego
    Steven White - President and Chief Executive Officer, ImageVision
  • Analytic of China Cyber Warfare

    • 9:20am – 9:40am | Room 131 | PNG-R32A

    China cyber warfare has become aggressive, disruptive, stealthy, and sophisticated. China’s advantage is more on the cognitive domain than technical domain. One of the Sun Tze’s Art of War principles…

    Conference Track:
    Robert Lai - Adjunct Instructor, Temple University
  • Fifteen Years of Being Nervous: Securing U.S. Critical Infrastructure

    • 10:00am – 10:20am | Room 131 | PNG-R32B

    For two decades, respected cyber thinkers have highlighted the insecurity of the U.S. critical infrastructure. In this session, a senior White House official will describe how the government is…

    Conference Track:
    Andy Ozment - Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, Department of Homeland Security
  • Cyber Security, Technology and Social Networking in Crisis Management

    • 10:40am – 11:40am | Room 131 | PNG-R33

    This session examines the importance of cyber security, technology and social networking in effectively managing all hazards at the state and local level. By examining lessons learned from government, …

    Conference Track:
    Kiersten Todt Coon - President and Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Group Ventures, LLC
    Christopher Ipsen - CIO, Nevada Desert Research Institute
    Christopher Krebs - Principal, Obsidian Analysis, Inc.
    Mike Dayton - Undersecretary, California Emergency Management Agency
    Natalie Granado - Cyber Security Training Coordinator/Senior Instructor, Texas A&M University - TEEX
  • FPKIMA: The Dial-Tone for FPKI

    • 1:00pm – 1:20pm | Room 131 | PNG-R35A

    If the FPKI Trust Infrastructure, operated by GSA's Federal Public Key Infrastructure Management Authority, were to become disabled due to an unscheduled outage or compromise, use of credentials…

    Conference Track:
    Chris Louden - Managing Director, Protiviti Government Services
    Darlene Gore - Federal Public Key Infrastructure Program Manager, GSA
  • Public Sector Identity: The Evolution of an Idea

    • 1:40pm – 2:00pm | Room 131 | PNG-R35B

    This session will carry the participant through the Commonwealth's journey to offer secure, privacy enhancing credentials to the citizens of the Commonwealth for access to government services. They…

    Conference Track:
    David Burhop - Deputy Commissioner and Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Motor Vehicles
    Michael Farnsworth - Commonwealth Authentication Service (CAS) Project Manager, Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Motor Vehicles

Friday, March 1, 2013

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