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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

  • “Artificial Intelligence:” The Myth Surrounding Perimeter Defense

    • 8:00am – 9:00am | Room 309 | END-W21

    Perimeter defense is no longer sufficient in today’s cyber security environment—sophisticated adversaries are proliferating too fast. The wisdom to balance the art and science of predictive analysis…

    Conference Track:
    Roger Cressey - Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
    Christopher Ling - Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
    Mike McConnell - Strategic Advisor and former Vice Chairman, Former Director of National Intelligence, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Managing Daily Security Operations with Lean and Kanban

    • 9:20am – 10:20am | Room 309 | END-W22

    More than ever, infosec is having to do more with less: with a shrinking budget, an ever increasing risk landscape, faster business tempo and ever changing regulations. This session shows how to apply…

    Conference Track:
    Branden Williams - CTO, Cyber Security Solutions for First Data
    Gene Kim - Author, IT Revolution
  • The First 48: The Early Hours of Incident Response

    • 10:40am – 11:40am | Room 309 | END-W23

    Many large organizations find themselves taken aback when evidence of a major breach or data theft is suddenly uncovered. It's always bad to look for help after your hair is on fire, so you need to…

    Conference Track:
    Nick Selby - Chief Executive Officer, StreetCred Software, Inc.
  • Offensive Security: Hope or Hype?

    • 1:00pm – 2:00pm | Room 309 | END-W25

    With the threat environment dramatically changing, there is a new consensus that it is almost impossible to keep targeted attackers out of any large-scale network. This panel will discuss new thinking…

    Conference Track:
    Joshua Corman - Chief Technical Officer (and Founder of “I am The Cavalry”), Sonatype (and “I am The Cavalry”)
    Adam O'Donnell - Chief Architect, Cloud Technology Group, Sourcefire
    Andrew Woods - Postdoctoral Cybersecurity Fellow, Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC)
    Christofer Hoff - Vice President and Security Chief Technology Officer, Juniper Networks
    George Kurtz - Chief Executive Officer, CrowdStrike

Thursday, February 28, 2013

  • Hunting for Indicators of Compromise

    • 8:00am – 9:00am | Room 309 | END-R31

    Attackers routinely bypass layered defenses to infiltrate networks undetected. They are adept at blending in and hiding in plain sight. Thankfully, they're also human. Like the rest of us, attackers…

    Conference Track:
    Lucas Zaichkowsky - Enterprise Defense Architect, Resolution1 Security
  • Actionable Intelligence for the Enterprise

    • 9:20am – 10:20am | Room 309 | END-R32

    Building a cyber intelligence team for your organization? Then leverage that team to support tactical and strategic organizational decisions. Real world examples and use cases demonstrate ways to…

    Conference Track:
    Cary Moore - Senior Vice President, Emerging Threats Manager, Bank of America
  • Just In Time Security: Difficulty of Being Proactive in Cyber Environments

    • 10:40am – 11:40am | Room 309 | END-R33

    This panel will discuss how the explosion in the number of web and mobile apps has made proactively identifying threats infeasible. Because of this, organizations are finding it is more economical to…

    Conference Track:
    Gabriela Iruegas - Co-founder and Chief Visionary, Silver Tail Systems
    Jeremiah Grossman - Founder, WhiteHat Security, Inc.
    Laz Lazarikos - Chief Information Security Officer, Sears Online
    Michael Fowkes - Senior Vice President, Fraud Prevention and Security Analytics, Zions Bancorporation
  • Special Operations Tactics Applied to BYOD Defense

    • 1:00pm – 1:20pm | Room 309 | END-R35A

    This session focuses on specific communications tactics culled from the speakers 14 years of experience in the SEAL Teams, which included eight years at SEAL Team 6. Bring Your Own Device issues are a…

    Conference Track:
    Mike Janke - Chief Executive Officer, Silent Circle
  • Advanced Malware Sinkholing

    • 1:40pm – 2:00pm | Room 309 | END-R35B

    With the rise of advanced botnets, Sink-holing is a tactic to disable sections of these networks and gain insight into the operations and objectives of the Threat Actor’s. The Dell SecureWorks Counter…

    Conference Track:
    Joe Stewart - Director of Malware Research, Dell SecureWorks
    Silas Cutler - Security Researcher, Dell SecureWorks

Friday, March 1, 2013

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