Michael Aisenberg

Cyber Analyst, MITRE

Michael A. Aisenberg Chairs the American Bar Assn. Information Security Cte.’s Working Group on Policy & Legislation. Associate Editor, ABA Sci/Tech Law Section’s Editorial Board. Since 2008, Principal Cyber Policy Counsel, Center for National Security of The MITRE Corp. 1976-81, FCC. 1981-97, Digital Equipment ’s D.C. corp. office; 2000-2007, Director, Govt Relations VeriSign. Lobbyist, policy advisor to industry and govt. Chair, U.S. IT Sector Coordinating Council (IT-SCC 2007-08); U.S. delegations-UNCITRAL Drafting Conference on Digital Signatures; U.N Conference on Internet Governance, and 2010 Tallinn NATO Conference on Cyber Conflict. President’s National Security Telecom Advisory Committee (NSTAC), and the IT-ISAC. B.A. UPennsylvania; J.D. UMaine School of Law.

Michael’s sessions at USA 2012

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