Elias Manousos

Chief Executive Officer, RiskIQ

Elias Manousos is a security technology expert and experienced executive with over 15 years of delivering internet-scale solutions to enterprise customers. Manousos is cofounder of RiskIQ, a trailblazer in the field of web-scale security analysis that provides security and marketing teams the tools to enforce policy and discover emerging threats anywhere on the web. Prior to founding RiskIQ, he was VP of R&D at Securant Technologies, an internet leader in authorization and single-sign-on (SSO). At Securant, he was instrumental in pioneering now commonplace technologies that provided increased browser security. In 2001, Securant was acquired by RSA. Prior to Securant, he was cofounder of Outlook Technologies, a 2001 ComputerWorld Top100 Emerging Company.

Elias’s sessions at USA 2012

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