Ashkan Soltani


Ashkan Soltani is an independent researcher and consultant specializing in consumer privacy and security on the Internet. Soltani has more than 15 years of experience as a technology consultant and has published three major reports on the extent and means of online tracking: "KnowPrivacy: The Current State of Web Privacy, Data Collection, and Information Sharing", "Flash Cookies and Privacy", and "Flash Cookies and Privacy II" (addendum here). His work highlights the prevalence and practice of tracking online, including the use of specific technologies designed to circumvent consumer privacy choices online. He has served as a staff technologist in the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection at the Federal Trade Commission and also worked as the primary technical consultant on the Wall Street Journal’s “What They Know” series investigating Internet privacy and online tracking.
Finally, he recently testified as an independent expert in front of the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on "The State of Online Consumer Privacy" and the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Protecting Mobile Privacy: Your Smartphones, Tablets, Cell Phones and Your Privacy.

Ashkan’s sessions at USA 2012

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