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  • How to Stay Safe on Cyber Monday

    by Jennifer Lawinski on November 30, 2015

    Tis the season for online fraud. And this year's Cyber Monday is expected to give cybercriminals more potential victims than ever before. Adobe expects online shoppers will spend more than $3 billion online today, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. More than 270 million shoppers are expected to spend more than $83 billion throughout the holiday season, and more than half of those purchases…

  • Security Operations Center: Building, Operating, and Maintaining your SOC

    by Ben Rothke on November 30, 2015

    Large enterprises have numerous information security challenges. Aside from the external threats; there’s the onslaught of security data from disparate systems, platforms and applications. Getting a handle on the security output from numerous point solutions, generating millions of messages and alerts daily is not a trivial endeavor. As attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated and with…

  • America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime, and Warfare

    by Ben Rothke on November 26, 2015

    Speak to a civil engineer, and it won’t take long until the conversation turns to the sorry state of America’s infrastructure. The civil engineer will let you know that far too many bridges, canals, roads and highways, dams, tunnels, and more are in dangerous condition due to neglected maintenance. Much of America’s infrastructure is highly vulnerable, given that it’s over 50 years old and long…

  • INAMOIBW and Other Trends from the 2016 RSA Conference Submission Review Process

    by Britta Glade on November 24, 2015

    In the coming weeks, the full RSA Conference agenda will be published (some great "early acceptance" sessions are already online), and it represents a carefully curated selection by the RSA Conference Program Committee of great speakers, critical topics, and interesting viewpoints. The curation process is very deliberate with industry experts reviewing each and every submission, debating the…

  • Cyberattacks on Industry in the Middle East

    by RSAC Contributor on November 24, 2015

    This post comes from Joe Shenouda, CYBERPOL / ECIPS Liaison Officer. He reflects on the cybersecurity space in the Middle East. The Middle East critical infrastructure market is huge and at risk. It will hit 12 billion Euro in revenue by 2018, and it is the victim of a rising and ongoing aggressive cyberwar that barely makes the news. The Middle East's oil industry is huge and has 80 percent of…

  • The Power of Immutable

    by Securosis Team on November 9, 2015

    If you've been following any of my work for the past couple years, you know I've become a huge advocate of cloud computing and DevOps. Not because I've been caught up in any sort of hype machine, but because I've been spending the past five years or so working with them hands-on and helping organizations as they transition to cloud. The deeper I delved into cloud the more I started to adopt…

  • Impressions of RSA Conference 2015 Abu Dhabi: Day 1

    by RSAC Contributor on November 5, 2015

    RSA Conference goes to the Middle East for the first time with RSA Conference 2015 Abu Dhabi. Shafik Ur Rehman, cyber-lead technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton, provided the following report. This morning, when I was getting ready for the RSA Conference 2015, I was thinking less of the Conference but more about few pending tasks at office and how I could complete them during the day at the…

  • RSA Conference 2015 Abu Dhabi: Highlights from Day Two

    by Linda Gray on November 5, 2015

    The former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-terrorism for the United States, Richard Clarke, delivered a powerful keynote at the closing session of the event today. He shared insights on the state of cybersecurity in the Middle East and what businesses and governments need to do, to prevent high-profile breaches. As an internationally recognized expert on…

  • RSA Conference 2015 Abu Dhabi: Highlights From Day One

    by Linda Gray on November 4, 2015

    The halls are jam packed on day one of RSA Conference 2015 Abu Dhabi! It’s a busy expo floor, with plenty of opportunities to learn, meet with vendors and network with peers from around the region. The Vendor Showcase area seems to be a big hit, as show attendees walked around the floor, listening to vendor representatives demonstrate their solutions. It was also nice to see the RSAC CyberSafety:…

  • The Network Security Test Lab: A Step-by-Step Guide

    by Ben Rothke on November 4, 2015

    It wasn’t that long ago that building a full network security test lab was a highly expensive endeavor. In The Network Security Test Lab: A Step-by-Step Guide (Wiley 978-1118987056) author Michael Gregg has written a helpful hands-on guide to provide the reader with an economical method to do that. The book is a step-by-step guide on how to create a security network lab, and how to use some of the…

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