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  • Avoid Ransomware Attacks by Removing Attack Vectors

    by Rook Security on April 29, 2016

    To date, there are around about 54 different versions of ransomware, and each one has multiple variants. Every day there is a new ransomware victim, and unlike other malware that has come before, ransomware isn’t looking to steal your information or gain unauthorized access. It just wants your money. Should I pay? Can my files be decrypted? How did this happen? These questions get asked a lot…

  • Enterprise Security Concerns for Consumer IoT Devices

    by RSAC Contributor on April 22, 2016

    By Andrew Hay, CISO, DataGravity “What are the security implications of consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices being introduced into modern business environments and how to you protect your organization as a result?” At RSA 2016 I was able to pose this question to a full room of business executives, IT architects, and security analysts who were responsible for dealing with this very real…

  • Peers Talk Application, Network, and Infrastructure Vulnerability Management at RSAC 2016

    by RSAC Contributor on April 14, 2016

    By Dan Cornell, CTO, Denim Group I had the opportunity to lead a Peer2Peer session at RSAC 2016 that asked attendees to talk about how they do vulnerability management for different types of vulnerabilities. In particular, what I wanted to discuss were the similarities and differences in how organizations deal with network and infrastructure vulnerabilities versus application-level vulnerabilities. …

  • Peers Discuss ‘Hacking Inward,’ Cyber War Games at RSA Conference 2016

    by RSAC Contributor on April 13, 2016

    By Itzhak Kotler, Co-Founder and CTO, SafeBreach During the recent RSA conference in San Francisco, I moderated a Peer2Peer session called “Hacking Inward—Implementing Effective Cyber War Games.” Peer2Peer group discussions center around specific security topics, where participants get the chance to really dig deeply into a topic. One of the reasons this particular topic is important is because…

  • An Investor’s View of the RSA Conference

    by David Needle on March 23, 2016

    The RSA Conference in San Francisco wrapped up earlier this month, and there has been much discussion and analysis of the new products and services that were on display in addition to the many thought-provoking sessions. After spending a week among the crowds, I was very interested to get an investor’s perspective on the conference. It’s fascinating because investors can have a very bottom-line, …

  • Defense in Depth Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient: Five Best Practices for Managing and Controlling Third-Party Risk

    by RSAC Contributor on March 22, 2016

    This post was written by Mordecai Rosen, ‎General Manager, Security, CA Technologies. If data breaches such as those experienced by Home Depot, Target and Anthem taught us anything, it is that defense in depth needs a boost to include defense in breadth. Nearly two-thirds of companies extensively or significantly use third-party solutions in their organizations. Relying on a partner’s security and…

  • Cybersecurity Preparedness: Tips from a Veteran Security Journalist

    by David Needle on March 21, 2016

    To conclude my three-part series on security planning, I chatted with Sean Michael Kerner, a highly regarded security reporter for eWeek (and a former colleague). Sean had some interesting things to say about preparing for the year ahead—and good security practices in general. There are always going to be new security solutions to address the latest threats that Kerner says are worth looking at, …

  • Why Cybersecurity Information Sharing Is Important

    by Rook Security on March 17, 2016

    By Tom Gorup The more information, the better. Right? In most cases, that is the truth. However, the way in which information is shared makes all the difference. Companies don’t share cybersecurity information because they fear attacker retribution and legal recourse. They don’t want to cause further retaliation from an attacker or show so much transparency that they could possibly cause the…

  • Building a Security Plan from Scratch: Kodak Alaris

    by David Needle on March 16, 2016

    Companies don’t often have the luxury of starting over when it comes to security, because there is usually legacy infrastructure to consider. As companies consider a move to the cloud, they're getting more flexibility, but even that typically takes a hybrid approach, moving some operations gradually off-premises while still keeping considerable infrastructure on-premises. Kodak Alaris, however, …

  • CISOs Share Tales From the Trenches at RSA Conference 2016

    by Tony Kontzer on March 3, 2016

    There are many themes that stretch across the information security world, but most organizations face their own particular challenges that require customized approaches. This was the clear takeaway from a well-attended panel at the RSA Conference Thursday, Lessons Learned from Real-World CISOs, during which CISOs from the medical device, education, health insurance and consumer goods sectors…

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