Welcome to the Security Reading Room blog

Welcome to the Security Reading Room blog. 

I have been writing book reviews since 2000, when I wrote by first reviews, which were for Looking into Windows NT: A Before-You-Leap Guide to Microsoft's Network Solution by Steven Levenson and Windows NT Security Guide by Stephen Sutton. 

In the last few years, most of my reviews have appeared on Slashdot and Security Managementmagazine.  I also cross post them to my page on Amazon

I am the author of Computer Security: 20 Things Every Employee Should Know.  

In the information security and privacy space, there are a lot of great books available.  In this blog, I hope to highlight them. 

If you know of any new books that you think I should know about, please post the books information on this blog and I will try to get a copy.

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by Ben Rothke

on December 12, 2009

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