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  • Ally's Picks - Zero Day: A Nonfiction View

    by Ally Lorentson Dunn on July 10, 2012

    This year at RSA Conference in San Francisco we introduced a new format for session presentations. Tucked away behind Crypto Commons was a fully equipped studio with a professional crew. We had a stage, great lighting and audio, and even a live audience. The sessions presented in this studio were 20 minute shortened versions of the full presentations. We picked a few dozen of the highest rated…

  • Ally's Picks - Hugh Thompson's Crystal Ball

    by Ally Lorentson Dunn on June 19, 2012

    Crystal Ball: Reflections from RSA Conference 2012 and Looking at the Year Ahead How do shark attacks in Egypt and learning how to drive relate to the themes seen at this year's conference? Leave it to Hugh to combine brilliant insights and pop culture references to create an entertaining take on the big themes from this past conference and what we may see next year. Last year, in this same…

  • Ally's Picks - Sal Khan Keynote

    by Ally Lorentson Dunn on June 5, 2012

    Introducing: Ally's Picks Welcome to the first installment of a new regular series, Ally's Picks. I'm Ally, manager of the RSA Conference community, and in this series I plan to unearth some of the gems of content that can be found on our site. These gems may include presentations, keynotes or panel discussions from our events, or webcasts and podcasts that we host throughout the year. With this…

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