Ally's Picks - Sal Khan Keynote

Introducing: Ally's Picks

Welcome to the first installment of a new regular series, Ally's Picks.  I'm Ally, manager of the RSA Conference community, and in this series I plan to unearth some of the gems of content that can be found on our site.  These gems may include presentations, keynotes or panel discussions from our events, or webcasts and podcasts that we host throughout the year.

With this first pick, I chose to highlight a thought-provoking and inspirational keynote from this year's conference in San Francisco.  Sal Khan delivered an exceptional presentation on his revolutionary method of teaching.  The evolution of Khan Academy is a great story and we can expect to see more innovation in the years to come!

Ally Lorentson Dunn

by Ally Lorentson Dunn


on June 5, 2012

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